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Ice Cream: Ever wonder what all the screaming is about?

As the days grow longer and the temperatures grow warmer, we’re heading deep into the heart of ice cream season. So, if you’re planning a summer event, I have just one question for you: Will that be one scoop or two?

Why Do We Love Ice Cream So Much?

There’s a reason Americans are obsessed with ice cream. Science! Our bodies are designed to crave comfort foods like ice cream. Don’t believe us, watch this explainer video from Ben & Jerry’s.

Ben N Jerry's Ice Cream truck in Atlanta

Loaded with vitamins and minerals, ice cream is practically a health food. Full of vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium, and riboflavin, not to mention protein, ice cream is good for strong bones and teeth, the immune system, and your mood. It provides an instant energy boost. One study even goes so far as to indicate that a half a cup of ice cream a day could improve heart health among diabetics. Who are we to argue with science?

But, when you come right down to it, the reason we love ice cream so much is because it’s delicious. With no limit to the flavor combinations, there is literally something for everyone. For those with an international palate there are flavors like green tea and red bean and Mexican hot chocolate. For people looking for something unique and exciting, flavors like maple bacon or goat cheese and cherry or lavender might provide a small thrill. And, lest we forget, those old standards chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are always a hit with traditionalists. Even if you’re not on good terms with lactose, don’t worry! There are usually available dairy-free options, like sorbet or plant-based alternatives.

The Ice Cream Truck is All Grown Up

yom ice cream push up pistachio flavor

Today’s ice cream trucks aren’t like the ones from your youth, trolling through the neighborhood playing loud music from a rooftop speaker to lure children and their sweaty handfuls of money. The ice cream truck is all grown up, and is just as exciting to see at your group event as it was back when we were kids. Take Cereal and Cream’s cereal-infused ice cream, milkshakes and waffles, for example, or Ben & Jerry’s, who bring the fun with their school bus and giant Jenga, Corn Hole, and Connect Four. Planning an indoor event? That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the sweet rush of ice cream. Try YOM Ice Cream’s premium custard indoor cart, with recipes perfected over the past 18 years!

Book an Ice Cream Truck or Cart for Your Next Event

With ice cream, your summer event is sure to be a hit! Reach out to Simply Food Trucks to help make planning easier, and check out all of our sweet treats here. You can see more ideas for throwing an outdoor summer event in our blog.

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