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Lets Taco bout It Atlanta | Simply Food Trucks

Welcome food truck partners.

We handle the bookings.

So you don't have to.

Events made simple.

coast crust pizza atlanta

Our success has been made possible due to the incredible partnership we have with each one of you.

Thank you for what you do while serving our clients.

Having a successful event requires an expert catering team.

Sales Team Extension

Our business is your amazing food, so we want everyone to know about you and the unique food you serve. 

is key

Good communication helps our partnership not only function, but thrive.


Website Link

Each partnering truck is listed on our website along with a link to your website or social media page. (Clients love visiting your website!)


Social Media Focused

SFT’s social content is focused on highlighting our partner trucks with photos, information about the food truck and of course your social accounts are tagged.


Blog Feature

Our food truck partners are often featured in one of our bi-weekly blogs (and we’ll send you the link) housed on the website and shared across all our social media platforms.


Call out

When a client is confirmed, a small call-out for trucks is sent out asking for a “hold” request.


Truck Event Order (TEO)

Once event and trucks are confirmed, a TEO is sent to each participating truck.



Confirmation is required (within 48 hours) from each truck invited, before we move on to another truck. The early bird gets the worm!



The Friday before the event, all participating trucks receive a reminder.

Get Paid Quickly

We take care of all the billing with the client and pay our trucks quickly.

*NOTE: Please do NOT collect money on site from the client. SFT will pay you directly.

Same CLient
Same Goal

There are two sides to every partnership. Just as we're an extension of your sales team, we ask that you represent us as well. Let's cheer each other on.



We take care of the client agreement and collect payment from them directly. 


Post Event

After the event – please email with your total sales number.


Paid Quickly

Payment to food trucks is made within two business days of receiving the post-event information.


No Tips

Tip jars are NOT permitted at catered events. They are allowed at vending events.


SFT Social Media

Help us grow our social media by tagging us in events where SFT has booked you and we always appreciate any engagement with our post. 


Help Us Help You

We want to know about the good things happening in your business so we can promote them to our followers. Send us photos and raw video footage so we may have them for social posts and reels. 



Just as SFT strives to uphold ourselves in a professional manner, we know that each of you and your staff will represent your business and ours in the best light possible with our clients and event attendees. We're in this together!



Always keep F.O.O.D in mind. F - Friendly. Be friendly and professional with the guest. O - On Time. Being on time means being 15 minutes early. O - Open lines of Communication. Most issues are from lack of communication. Let's keep the lines open. D - Demonstrate good Customer Service. Our clients have high standards. We want to make the best impression and your staff has a lot to do with making our clients happy. 

Ice Cream and Cones

Want to Join our Network?

Do you have a new food truck or maybe haven't worked with us before? Then complete our application and someone will reach out soon. 

Join Our Team!

Thank you!

We’ll be in touch.

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