food truck veggie wrap

Healthy Eats

GAS brings plant based street food and sandwiches to life with their signature Good Azz Sauce. Their delicious menu is 100% plant based.

LowCo Motion focuses on bringing the spirit of the Low-County boil to the streets of Atlanta while incorporating the incredibly diverse selection of produce that Georgia has to offer. 

Slutty food is overindulgent, gooey, messy, most often sweet, and irresistible plant-based deliciousnessness. You shouldn’t want it, but you do. 

Using only responsibly sourced and local-when-possible ingredients, Sunshine Alchemy creates seasonal and thematic drinks and eats based on the philosophy that plant based, quality ingredients make for a better experience all around.

YŌM was created to inspire an convenient healthy lifestyle, while still being delicious. Using global spices and cuisines, they fuse those flavors and benefits to craft what is referred to as "Health Fusion".