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Atlanta-based Lemonade Truck Serving up Tasty Treats

When we think of a cold glass of fresh lemonade we’re reminded of our younger days running a makeshift lemonade stand in our neighborhood. We didn’t make much money, but we’d like to think that was the humble beginning of running our business. The SFT team found one budding entrepreneur who has turned his lemonade stand into a full-time business, complete with a food truck!

Meet the Founder and CEO of Jase’s Lemonade, Jase Kurtz. He’s nine and already into his 3rd year in business. Yep. Nine years old, and his business continues to experience significant growth, so he’s brought on his mom and dad to help him. But more about them later. First, how does a nine-year-old even get started? We asked Jase.

Back in April 2020, when we were in the early days of a nasty pandemic, Jase’s dad, Jurrell, challenged him to make good use of this unprecedented time home from school. He told his son to start his own business. You see, Jurrell is a paramedic and was beyond busy with work. He always dreamed of being an entrepreneur and encouraged his then 6-year-old son to follow his dreams. Jase’s favorite drink is lemonade, so he didn’t have to think too hard about what he wanted to do. Jase’s Lemonade was born.

Jase’s first event was for young entrepreneurs in Conyers, GA. He quickly sold everything he brought that day, and he was motivated. The Kurtz family then spent every weekend at Debo’s Food Truck Park in Decatur selling their freshly made, organic lemonade. They steadily built a following and a name for themselves and eventually became big enough to purchase a food truck. You can often find this charismatic entrepreneur networking in between serving up his fresh lemonade. He’s even caught the attention of Steve Harvey.

Jase will be double digits this summer when he turns 10 on June 27, and it will be a busy summer indeed. With the help of his dad, who handles logistics, and his mom, who’s responsible for social media, they do as many as 20 events per month and have served more than 5,000 guests in a single weekend. The events industry is busier than ever and Jase is already booked solid this coming August; and it’s only March! His lemonade is that good!

As demand increases, so do their menu offerings. They offer 17 different flavors that can be added to their lemonade and six different toppings, including:

· Candy Dust

· Gummy Bears

· Gummy Rings

· Sour Worms

· Ring Pops

· Pop Rocks

Some lemonade flavors include mint, kiwi, guava, peach, mango, pineapple, and strawberry, and all can be mixed and matched to create custom drinks. Jase’s favorite combo – mango strawberry. They also serve ice cream, cinnamon rolls, hot dogs, and chips.

Not surprisingly, one of Jase’s favorite shows is Shark Tank. We know all the Sharks would love him just as much as all his customers. And we’re pretty sure he’d get multiple offers. Want to book Jase’s Lemonade for your next indoor or outdoor event? Please click here to get in touch with his team.

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