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Creative Menu Ideas for Your Next Holiday Party

In case you haven't noticed, the calendar is rapidly approaching the end of the year. The weather is cooling down, stores are beginning to stock holiday items, and, believe it or not, holiday party planning is in full swing. So if you haven't set a date and found a location for your holiday get-together, it's time to get on it!

Many businesses have either considerably scaled back or canceled their last few office holiday parties, so this year, it's on! Teams want to celebrate and simply enjoy being together, and no good party is complete without a delectable menu. So here are some ideas to start your holiday party menu planning.

1. Type of event

Determine what type of event you're hosting. Will it be a relaxed lunch or a proper sit-down dinner? Or is your team more into a casual buffet? Perhaps you just want people to mingle with lively cocktails and heavy hors d'oeuvres? There are many ways to go, but the type of food you serve largely depends on the kind of event you're hosting.

2. Sit Down Lunch or Dinner

If your event is midday and your team will return to work, stay away from heavy meals or turkey (think sleep-inducing tryptophan). Offer something yummy and festive – maybe a taco truck – and hold the cocktails. If the event is slated for the evening, you can consider options like a multi-course sit-down dinner. A dessert table encourages people to mingle, and a signature cocktail adds a personal touch.

3. Buffet

Buffets can be done in many ways. You can keep it casual and minimize the cost by having everyone bring their favorite dish. Or host carving stations of beef and ham with a few sides. You can also offer a full buffet table with multiple entrees and side dishes. Regardless of the way you go, don't forget the desserts! There are so many elegant and scrumptious options to decorate your buffet table, including an assortment of gourmet cupcakes, cookies, and candies.

4. Finger Food & Cocktails

If you're watching your budget and aren't prepared to serve a full dinner but want to bring the team together, heavy appetizers with custom cocktails are always a popular option. By serving smaller items, you can offer your guests various choices, and they can eat as much or little as they want on their own schedule. Station food throughout your space, so guests move around and don't remain in one area all evening.

Still on the fence about what type of holiday party you want to host this year? We can help! Below are just a few of the many Atlanta food trucks offering creative menus that your guests will love!

We have many food loves, and wood-fired pizza is one of them. Throw in a master pizza maker, and need we say more? Giacomo, Kalura Pizza's maestro pizzaiolo (master pizza maker), offers an authentic, hand-thrown pizza that is fired and served with a one-of-a (streets of Palermo) kind pop-up oven. The Kalura Pizza mobile pop-up is a 12-foot, custom-built trailer complete with a wood-burning oven that holds up to 9 pizzas. Kalura, which means "heat" in Sicilian, is ideal for various open-air vending services or private events.

Each booking includes:

  • Kalura pop up and oven

  • Master pizzaiolo pizza chef, plus staff

  • Serving table, set up and disposable mise en place (packaged cutlery and napkins), buffet serveware when needed (trays and tongs)

  • Set up and clean up

  • Italian music and atmosphere

What's better than a food truck serving fantastic food? A vintage Vespacar serving wine, beer, cocktails and Prosecco, of course! And that's exactly what our friends Billy & Casey at Get Fizzy Atl do all across metro Atlanta and North Georgia. The newest addition to their fleet of vehicles is Bean, which has been fully restored and loaded up with locally sourced East Pole Coffee, Honeysuckle Gelato & Alon's Bakery pastries. And the best thing about the vehicles at Get Fizzy | Get Frothy is that these three-wheeled trucks can fit in almost any venue, indoors or out.

For many, the main course of any meal is simply a distraction as they wait for the REAL main course – dessert! And no holiday event would be complete without something sweet. Better yet, an entire table filled with a variety of confectionery delights. Sweet Treat Bar specializes in cupcakes, cakes, brownies, mini pies, cookies, cake pops, an​d more, using only the finest quality ingredients for each baked dessert. Want to sample some of their sweet treats before your event? They have a storefront location in addition to a dessert truck and catering services.

While they might not be THAT famous cookie company from yesteryear, this cookie company can sure hold its own when it comes to a cookie war. Started in 2015, Not as Famous Cookie Company is Atlanta's first gourmet cookie truck offering handcrafted, freshly baked gourmet cookies. Dubbed "Craft Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches," with a delicious blend of freshly baked goods, you can book their truck for your next corporate meeting or event or as the perfect end to your holiday party.

Whether this year's office holiday party is casual or formal, there are many menu options you can consider that are sure to please your guests. We find the most successful events offer delish menu items placed throughout the event space to encourage guests to move around and socialize.

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