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The Giving Kitchen

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Giving Kitchen's story started with Ryan Hidinger and the fight to save one life. Now their story is the fight to serve thousands and help members of the food service community as they face sudden emergencies. Giving Kitchen provides emergency assistance for food service workers through financial support and a network of community resources.

Their financial assistance program is available for food service workers in Georgia and Tennessee experiencing a crisis. Financial assistance is awarded based on the food service worker's financial needs and criteria according to the type of crisis. Financial aid often covers the cost of rent and utilities paid directly to the service provider(s).

Their community resource program Stability Network connects food service workers in crisis to social services that fit their specific needs. Through partnerships with national, regional, and local service organizations, as well as curated services specific to Giving Kitchen referrals, Stability Network has connected thousands of people to resources related to mental health, physical health and wellness, substance abuse and addiction, dental and vision, employment, housing and utilities, family and social services, financial services, and legal and immigration services.

If you are a food service worker in need of assistance or a community member who would like to offer support, please visit Giving Kitchen.

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