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Easy Ways to Make Your Corporate Events More Sustainable

There’s a lot of talk about sustainability. In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, today we’re breaking down the easiest ways to make your corporate event more sustainable.

But first…

Why Should You Care About Hosting Sustainable Events?

Aside from doing your part to save the planet, some of the benefits of hosting sustainable events are fostering a favorable brand image, the ability to attract new talent, and forging a deeper connection with attendees and employees who care about the environment. While it might seem overwhelming, there’s plenty of stuff you can do to reduce your event’s carbon footprint without breaking a sweat.

Sustainability in Food Trucks

One of the most important things you can do is to educate yourself and your event staff about sustainable practices. You don’t know what you don’t know, right? Here are some other easy ways to make your event greener.

Be Intentional

Identify goals early and plan your event from the outset with the intention of making it as sustainable as possible. For example, when planning in-person events, consider choosing a central location for your attendees and partnering with a venue that champions sustainability and is located near public transportation.

Reduce Waste

Consider going paperless by providing important information in an app or emailing it to attendees ahead of time. Ditch bottled water and single-use plastic and paper cups in favor of reusable cutlery, glasses, and reusable coffee mugs. Serving items in biodegradable containers reduces the amount sent to the landfill. Provide recycling and composting areas for food and waste.

Bento Buis | Simply Food Trucks

Stop Using Plastic

One of the most important things we can do to make a difference is to stop using non-recyclable plastics. Use glassware when you can, and if you must use disposable items, use biodegradable items like paper and bamboo, like Bento Bus, a food truck who uses containers that won’t be sent to the landfill. And whatever you do, stay away from Styrofoam!

Buy Local

By buying food and materials from local purveyors, food doesn’t have to travel as far, reducing fossil fuel consumption. Another great way to reduce your event’s carbon footprint is to select foods that are in-season and provide vegetarian and plant-based options for a few meals.

Partner with Sustainably-Minded Vendors

There are myriad vendors and caterers who are dedicated to sustainability, you just need to seek them out. Mihaila Atanasova, owner of All Around the World Food Truck, feels strongly about promoting sustainable practices and powers her entire truck with solar panels.

Around The World Food Truck | Simply Food Trucks

I hated the sound and smell of a generator running in the background, and this is so much cleaner, she says.

Affairs to Remember, is a sustainability-focused Atlanta-based caterer who recognized the contribution the hospitality industry makes to landfill waste early and decided to do something about it. Seeing a need for more sustainable and environmentally conscious practices, they dedicated themselves to using less and being more thoughtful and aware of their consumption and waste. To date, they have diverted more than 1.4 million pounds of recyclable materials away from landfills, more than 4,000 pounds per week!

Purchase Carbon Offset

Events, conferences and meetings can have a significant impact on the environment. Even if you do everything you can to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s nearly impossible to have a completely carbon-neutral event. You can, however, offset the carbon emissions you can’t eliminate by investing in projects that support renewable energy, reforestation, and other energy efficiency solutions. You can learn more about how to purchase carbon offsets here.

Solar Powered Wind Mills

Make Sustainability A Priority for Your Team and Your Organization

Emory University is a great example of an entity that has committed in a huge way to sustainability, not just in the way they conduct their events, but campus-wide. To be an approved Emory caterer, for example, a company must commit to using recyclable/compostable materials and sourcing food locally. The university provides a clear goal (become as close to a Zero Landfill Waste campus as possible) and guidelines and resources for every department.

Sam Polk, who oversees Emory’s alumni events, implores event planners to embrace sustainability.

You have the power to make a difference through your position. You have influence over a whole group of people when you’re a planner. Whatever message you put out there is going to be seen. Use it the best way that you can.

Simply Food Trucks is proud to work with partners who are doing things large and small to protect our planet. Reach out today for help in making your next corporate event a little greener.

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