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Five Great Reasons to Host a Customer-Focused Event

Updated: Jun 21

There are a lot of reasons to host an event for your customers. Some of Simply Food Trucks’ partners share the important business-building reasons they do customer-focused events.

Emory Homecoming | Simply Food Trucks

1. Relationship Building

Emory University knows that events provide an opportunity for companies to interact directly with their customers, creating a more personal connection. In this case, their customers are the thousands of alumni hosted during Homecoming Week every year, with an epic celebration that includes celebrity performances, parades, exhibits, food trucks and other family-friendly activities.

2. Brand Awareness and Promotion

Lululemon uses events to create immersive, multi-sensory experiences that engage customers with the brand on a deeper level and leave a lasting impression. Lululemon’s 10K Tour is a multi-city race series with strong block party vibes, engaging the entire community with music, yoga, meditation, and food.

Lululemon's 10K Tour
SFT Owner, Paige Nathan at Lululemon's 10K Tour in Atlanta

Another great way to leave a lasting impression, is with a gift, like a custom cakesicle from Kaylee’s Cake Pops’ gourmet luxury dessert truck. Individually packaged with satin bows, and easily customizable with your company colors or logo, it’s a sweet way to say thank you and give customers something to remember you by.

Kaylee's Cake Pops and More | Atlanta, GA
Kaylee's Cake Pops

3. New Product Launch

Events are a terrific way to launch new products. Not only can they create awareness and enthusiasm, but they can also drive trial and sales. Jim Ellis Automotive often hosts test drive events, offering customers a first look at new vehicles. Holding the event at lunchtime and offering free food is a great incentive to drive traffic into the dealership and gives salespeople an

opportunity to build rapport.

Rachel Roos, Event Manager, Jim Ellis Automotive, has this advice to give companies who are considering hosting a customer-focused event.

If you’re considering it, go for it! Start small and let the event grow over time. Work with Simply Food Trucks to plan for the right food to fit your event. For example, we don’t want to serve someone messy food right before they get in a brand new car, so we leverage Simply Food Trucks’ expertise.

4. Grand Opening

Home Depot Grand Opening

Well-executed events can create enthusiasm and excitement around a new location, driving traffic and sales on the spot. The Home Depot celebrates each new community at nationwide store opening events that include workshops, demos, giveaways and free food.

5. Customer Appreciation

Events can be used to express gratitude and appreciation for customer loyalty. Treating them to special experiences, is a great way to show that you value their support. Katie Schanck, a Realtor with Keller Williams Midtown Atlanta has hosted an annual party to thank her clients, referral partners, vendor partners, family and friends for the past 20+ years.

Here's what Katie had to say about customer-focused events:

I love doing face to face events. It’s something that grows each year. When I’m helping someone buy or sell a house, we spend a short intense time together and grow close. Then they might not be in that situation again for years, so this is such a nice way to keep in touch. I have clients who look forward to this party every year.

Customer-Focused Events Planning

Planning customer-focused events doesn't have to be complicated and overwhelming. We know how much value they bring, so including these types of events into your marketing budget is important. Reach out to Simply Food Trucks today to help you plan your next customer-focused event.

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