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Serving Film and TV Production Crews

At Simply Food Trucks, we're more than just a corporate meeting planning partner. We're also a catering partner to another big industry. With more than 200 film and TV projects each year, Atlanta has become a major location for production in large part because of Georgia's tax incentive program. Film and TV productions often require catering partners, including food trucks, to have the ability to work long, beyond "normal hours." And to be agile enough to handle last-minute requests and changes.

The team at Simply Food Trucks has been working with the entertainment industry for years. Below is just a sampling of some of our amazing food truck partners experienced in handling the needs of the production industry. Southern Crust You may have had pizza on set before, but it's nothing like the pies served by our friends at Southern Crust. So forget generic pizza ready in 30 minutes or less. Instead, the team from Southern Crust arrives in style with their vintage 1953 Chevy named "Belle," complete with a wood-fired brick pizza oven.

Yep. The team at Southern Crust brings their own pre-heated oven that can cook up to six pizzas at a time in as little as 90 seconds, feeding as many as 250 people per hour. Southern Crust pizzas are the perfect solution for busy crews who need to get back on set but want something wonderful to take with them. Better yet, all pizzas can be packaged and taken to busy crew members who can't break away. On-site menus consist of a selection of their most popular pizzas, including gluten-free (of course!), baked in their own dish, so they don't touch any remnants of flour in the oven. And what vintage Chevy would be complete without a beer tap? "Belle" has four taps and refrigerated coolers ready to serve your favorite brew. The perfect host for production wrap parties.

Anyone who has worked before on a film or TV set can tell you that the hours are long! And sometimes crew members want more than old coffee or highly processed energy drinks to keep them going. Hardworking crews deserve the custom brews from our friends at just add honey tea company. Since 2006, just add honey has been creating fresh, fun, and sophisticated flavors combined with stimulating and soothing ingredients in every cup. Their ingredients are all-natural, pure, and easily recognized (nothing processed here). They offer a broad selection of herbal and caffeinated cold and hot teas and cold and hot coffees. They even offer CBD-infused teas to help promote a state of calm and relaxation. Truth be told, after one cup of their Georgia Peaches CBD tea, we had the best night's sleep in months. Yom Ice Cream

Flashback to summertime as a kid, and you'll quickly remember Push-Up Pops. You know, those frozen yogurt treats that were cool and creamy and fun to eat. The team at Yom Ice Cream has a new take on this old classic. Imagine the Push-Up Pop container, but this time it's filled with the best-tasting premium custard ice cream you've ever had! Yom Ice Creams are the perfect on set treat because crew members can quickly grab one of these containers while running from one location to another. And unlike ice cream served in a cup that requires two hands to eat, these recyclable push-up containers only need one hand. Gourmet flavors include:

· Butterscotch Pecan · Green Team · Pistachio · Lemon · Coffee · Mint Chip · Vanilla · Chocolate

Welcoming out-of-town guests to your production? Looking for thank-you gifts for the cast and crew once production wraps? Then Sensational Baskets is your perfect gift-giving partner. Started in 1988 in founder Helen Taffet's basement, Sensational Baskets has grown to become Georgia's largest gift basket company. Their baskets have been enjoyed by celebrities, athletes, and international politicians.

In 2021, Sensational Baskets was thrilled when they were selected by their hometown team, the Atlanta Braves, to create baskets for the opposing team's families' visits for the NLDS, NLCS, and World Series games. Not only was it a home run for the Braves, who won the World Series, but it was also a home run for the Sensational Baskets team.

Hosting Events Off-Site

Perhaps you’re planning a thank you event or wrap party for the cast and crew and want to get away from the set. Craft beer breweries are popping up all around and offer great space and exceptional service in a relaxed environment. Add in a few food trucks to serve your guests and you have all the beginnings for a successful thank you get together or wrap party

We love to partner with our friends at Spirited Event Group, who specialize in connecting venues with clients to ensure your meeting or event is one to remember. Whether you're planning a team meeting, fundraiser, holiday party, or corporate event — they will book the right venue for the ultimate experience. In addition, they offer an array of customized service packages, ranging from providing venue consultation to connecting you to the best event professionals in the industry.

The hours may be long, and sometimes the notice is short, but with our fantastic food truck partners, we always deliver exceptional service and exciting menus for our film and television production clients. Because when you're working days that often exceed 12 hours, sometimes you just want a freshly baked pizza, a refreshing tea, or a creamy custard treat as a thank you.

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