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The Future of Working from Home

Before the events of 2020, working from home was a perk reserved for the lucky few (lucky if working from home was at the top of your job requirement list.) Then March 2020 happened, and before we knew it, many office-based jobs that could be done from a computer and wireless connection became fully remote. Employees quickly and warmly welcomed this change as they experienced reduced stress by eliminating their daily commutes. Not to mention the newfound freedom and flexibility in their days as they were no longer confined to their offices.

After a long two years, we’re emerging from our bunkers, and life (and work) is resuming some sense of normalcy with many employees and employers pondering what can we expect for the future of home-based jobs? While it seems to vary by industry and the type of work performed, many experts predict the WFH trend will continue. Leaving many employees thrilled with this likely permanent change.

Moving Virtual

It’s estimated that 25% of all professional jobs will be virtual by 2023, and that number is only expected to rise. “This change in working arrangements is impossible to overhype. As big as it is, it’s even bigger than people think,” said Ladders CEO Marc Cenedella, who says it’s the most significant societal change in America since the end of World War II. “Hiring practices typically move at a glacial pace, but the pandemic turned up the heat, so we’re seeing a rapid flood of change in this space. It’s really rather amazing.”

Improved Mental Health

Studies consistently find that employees are experiencing improved mental health while working from home and consider themselves to be at least as productive, if not more productive than they were in pre-pandemic office days. And while some employers have demanded the return of their employees to the office, many are retreating on the return to the office policies as the great resignation continues, and they risk losing their greatest talent to more flexible competitors.

One study found that 84% of respondents said working remotely after the pandemic would make them happier, even if this meant taking a cut in pay. So employers are now being forced to evolve their business structure and work environment based on the demands of today’s workforce.

The New Norm

While many employers hoped to bring their teams back into the office, most have realized that virtual, or at least hybrid, is their new norm. Team members still want to meet in person, but only occasionally. This has now placed an additional burden on business owners and leaders to identify virtual and hybrid meeting solutions that brings their teams together to accomplish important work while also allowing time for social connection. As a result, virtual meetings have grown in popularity and will continue to as they offer both a time and cost savings solution.

Employee Engagement

Smart employers ask themselves what can they do to maintain engagement while teams remain remote? With people leaving jobs in record numbers, it’s critical to show team members they are valued, making employee appreciation events more important than ever. As much as employees love the flexibility that working from home offers, they still long for connecting with their colleagues, and savvy leaders are making an effort to accommodate these desires. Whether quarterly team-building events or planning meetings, team members still want to engage with peers and feel valued and appreciated.

Corporate Events

The crew at Simply Food Trucks has noticed a significant uptick in the corporate event requests from business leaders who want to celebrate their teams, appreciate their hard work over the past months, and plan festive get-togethers where everyone can feel comfortable. Outdoor meetings and events will continue to rise in popularity as variants come and go. And with food at the center of almost every get-together, food trucks remain one of the safest and most virus-friendly catering solutions.

While the traditional 9-5 office environment seems to be relegated to the past, employers continue to find ways to engage their teams in a largely remote work environment. This includes planning offsite activities and meetings that engage them while showing appreciation and accomplishing their business objectives. Simply Food Trucks and its partners have also spent the past year evolving to meet the changing demands of our corporate business clients. As a result, we understand how vital your teams are to the success of your business.

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