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Top 5 Corporate Event Trends in 2023

While some business travel and meetings are appropriate to do virtually, most companies recognize that face-to-face interactions lead to better outcomes for client engagement, team building, strategy sessions, and training and education. With the return to large, in-person gatherings this year here are

the top trends event planners are seeing.

Internal company conference

The Rise of Internal Events

Everything has gotten more expensive this year, including dramatic increases in the cost of labor and venue rentals. To optimize budgets, many companies are opting to “stay home” and hold their events in a place that’s free or less expensive so that they can allocate event dollars towards things that are more

important to them like décor, technology, and catering. With more and more companies recognizing the value of in-person employee engagement, internal events will play an increasingly important role in shaping company culture.


Corporate events are featuring more interactive experiences. After being cooped up at home for so long, people want a unique experience, something to do and interact with. This could mean immersive décor, the way the food is served, or entertainment that includes guest participation. Oftentimes, we see this manifested through technology integration. Events are livestreamed to allow a wider audience to participate. Phones are being used to gamify engagement before, during and after the event. Even at simple conferences, guests are looking to be entertained, engaged, surprised, and delighted

Atlanta Pizza Company pizza oven

Make Food and Beverage Ideas Unique to Get Guests Talking

The cool factor is more important than ever, and event planners are seeing this carry through to catering. One the rise are food trucks, cocktail receptions with fun stations, and food activations where elements of the meal are being made in front of clients. Atlanta Pizza Truck always attracts attention, preparing their Neapolitan-crafted pizzas in a wood-burning oven built into a refurbished Italian ApeCar (pronounced Ah-Pay), though they also have other mobile and table top options to accommodate all budgets.

“People are tired of the classic/boring catering buffet and want something that aligns with the themes of their event. We sell an immersive experience rather than just food served to your table.”

-Sofia Arango, Co-Owner Atlanta Pizza Truck

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Increasingly, event planners are prioritizing eco-friendly practices as well as diversity and inclusion initiatives to meet attendee demand for socially conscious events. Attendees seek events that align with their values, and promoting sustainability and social responsibility can make your event more attractive to your audience. Gen Z and Millennials are on track to be the most influential group of consumers, and they feel strongly that brands have a responsibility to be involved in making the world a better place.

Just Add Honey Tea Company

More than any previous generation, they seek out, engage, and support brands that support a social cause they care about. Ignore them at your own risk. Ray Day, an upcoming event Simply Food Trucks supports, champions the notion of businesses doing well by doing good and strives to advance knowledge and innovation around environmental stewardship and sustainability. The 2,200 guests will be able to choose from among nine food trucks and two beverage vendors, including Tippy Tap and Just Add Honey Tea Company’s mobile tea bar.

Liquor-Free Curated Mocktails

We’re seeing a lot of events that are catering to non-drinkers in a more meaningful way than they have in the past. Instead of the obligatory pitchers of iced tea or lemonade, event planners might include a thoughtfully planned mocktail, like The Tippy Tap’s popular Hibiscus Spritz Mocktail made with hibiscus

tea, lime, and Topo Chico. Popular vintage mobile bars like The Tippy Tap and Fizzy Beverage Cart, are able to dispense custom mocktails, kombucha, or cold brew.

Fizzy Beverage Cart | Atlanta, GA

Vegetarian and Vegan Offerings are big Corporate Event Trends

More people are switching to plant-based diets for a variety of reasons like health benefits, religious reasons, reducing their carbon footprint, and animal welfare. The WHO recently recommended a plant-based diet for optimal health, and in 2023, 8% of Americans consider themselves to be Vegetarian or Vegan.

Jackfruit Sloppy Joe | Sunshine Alchemy

Plant-based foods can be delicious and healthy and are often times less expensive than serving meat. Whatever the reason, the number of people eating plant-based is increasing rapidly, and if you’re responsible for feeding attendees at an event, it is critical to take their needs into consideration when planning the menu.

People are thinking about corporate event trends differently in this post-Covid world. Though they’re happy to get back together, they want a compelling reason to leave the house. As Sue Anne Morgan, owner of ideaLand says, “We’ve all had this shared comma, and now we’re back. The standard chicken plate isn’t going to cut it anymore.”

Reach out to Simply Food Trucks to help you plan an event that people will remember.

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