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We’re grateful for our Atlanta food truck partners and VoyageATL

What a journey it's been! While 2020 was a year we'd sooner forget, we're grateful for the time to reflect and refocus on our business. As the demand for events re-emerged in 2021, we took the opportunity for a reemergence of our own. We rebranded our previous business, Food with Purpose, into Simply Food Trucks.

And we’re so grateful for the renewed sense of accomplishment and growth in ways we couldn't possibly have imagined. Not to mention the endless support of our Atlanta-based food truck partners who’ve been there every step of the


Our 2021 has ended on a high note with our recent feature in VoyageATL. It's such an honor to be recognized and highlighted in this beautiful publication after what the event industry has been through these past almost two years. This was an exciting way to end what has been such a positive year for the team at Simply Food Trucks and we're excited to share it with all of our loyal supporters!

A little about VoyageATL

VoyageATL was first launched in the Los Angeles market. After reaching their first million page views, they knew their secret formula resonated with their target audience. Their articles focus on highlighting the authentic voice of each of their interviewees as opposed to heavy editing, which often results in everyone sounding the same. We’re grateful for the voice they gave Simply Food Trucks and want to share a few highlights of our article.

Our backstory

Simply Food Trucks began with my love of food trucks, probably routed back to going to festivals with my parents from a young age. I love street food and being connected to a community of culinary entrepreneurs. Every food truck owner has a story to tell through their food. With my background in special event planning and my love of food, becoming a food truck booking agent was the perfect marriage.

Food trucks are the perfect way to feed crowds of any size in a safe, efficient, and delicious way. Some of our most significant accomplishments include being a part of Super Bowl LIII, the Miss Universe Pageant, countless film productions, Falcons events for players and fans, and a Food Truck Night at the Home Depot Backyard

for a wellness company with 10,000


We’re also committed to giving back and supporting many non-profits at their events. We have worked with many, including Rock the Vote, World Central Kitchen, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and the Arthur Blank Foundation

What challenges have you overcome?

The pandemic definitely impacted the business, especially since corporate events came to a halt. Fortunately, the food trucks pivoted, created an online ordering system, and implemented Covid practices. With everyone at home, neighborhoods became a popular destination. The food trucks also served first responders, who played a central role during this time. We are excited to welcome back our corporate clients who are “hungry” for a safe and delicious food truck experience.

Click here for tips and guidelines of how to host a cooperate event during Covid.

Where do you see things going in the next 5-10 years?

Food trucks have experienced increasing popularity over the past several years. People love food trucks as they offer variety, convenience, a festive background, and are cost-effective. The demand for food trucks will continue to rise, especially post-Covid, with outdoor events becoming more prevalent. Also, event hosts want to offer their guests healthier menus, including gluten-free, vegan options, salads, and smoothies. Food trucks do a great job of satisfying the dietary needs of their customers while not losing the integrity and made-fresh quality of their offerings. We are excited that businesses are returning so that we can continue our role in creating memorable events.

Thank you to the team at VoyageATL for allowing me to tell my story authentically and in my own words.

Click here to read the full article in VoyageATL.

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