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Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl


Executive Chef and owner takes his experience of working with sustainable seafood, farm fresh ingredients, and puts a street food twist on it.

Bento Bus offers healthy, Japanese-inspired cuisine to the street foodies of Atlanta.

These giant gourmet eggrollz are one of a kind. Inspired by the owner's travels around the world, they are bursting with exotic flavors. 

Savory or sweet, Holy Crepe is serving up a delicious experience where authenticity meets audacity.

Hungry Hippo Eats takes Haitian family recipes and Southern favorites to create a unique experience.  

Savory, delicious skewers with beef, poultry, seafood, and vegetarian options, fusing American Soul Food with accents of Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, and Latin America.

 Lisa was born in Nice, France, then raised in the island of Corsica, where she first learned how to make crêpes. Her authentic recipe has been in her family for generations.

From specialty burgers to roll n' fries to hot bowls, Omni Flavas has it all. And it's all about the flava!  

Lebanese food with a twist. They provide the best quality products, no preservatives, and no chemicals in hopes of being the exception in food offerings. The believe that "Food is Life".

The Mad Greek uses yia-yias recipes and puts a twist on some traditional favorites. Their #1 goal is to serve  the authentic flavors of our Greek culture using quality ingredients. 

Viva Pita serves a variety of hearty, delicious Mediterranean food. Their dishes include gyros, salads, falafel, homemade hummus and more. The food is made fresh to order with authentic recipes and mouth-watering homemade sauces.

Asian inspired tacos, burritos, and quesadilla so delicious that it keeps you coming back to more. If you are looking for a traditional item with unique taste, this is your truck. 

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