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Top Ideas for Planning An Outdoor Summer Corporate Event

With the recent unofficial start of summer behind us and the official start mere days away, it got us thinking about ways for corporate leaders and their team members to enjoy the long, warm days ahead. Many companies have resumed business as usual, whether it’s a return to the office or in-person meetings, and are looking for new and different ways to reconnect their staff. And what better time to plan an outdoor celebration or corporate get-together than the summer


The team at Simply Food Trucks loves bringing people together (over food is our favorite way), so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite group activities for corporate meetings and event planners designed to maximize the summer solstice.

Plan a picnic… with a theme

Sure, outdoor picnics in the summer are about as original as apple pie. But there’s a reason why they’ve been around so long, and that’s because they are the perfect way to bring groups of people together to enjoy the warm months. And if you want to plan a picnic with a twist, give it a theme! Easy to do while lots of fun is a Western theme. You can hire a county western band, serve barbecue, and challenge everyone to a square dance contest. 

Or, if it’s an even-numbered year, give your picnic an Olympic theme. You can assign each employee to a country and let them compete against one another. A potato sack race suddenly gets a lot more interesting when England and Germany fight it out for Gold!

Outdoor picnics are also a great way to involve the whole family. Bounce houses and water balloon fights are the perfect way to break the ice and keep your youngest guests engaged and socializing with one another.

Outdoor Movie Night

Whether a cinematic classic or a recent superhero blockbuster, cuddling up with a blanket to watch a movie is a perfect way to spend a summer evening. You can use a local park, a large backyard, or an outdoor area at your company’s campus. Or, better yet, turn your office’s parking area into a drive-in movie theater. Gather your teams early to enjoy a potluck buffet, chili cookoff, or order lots of pizzas. Set up a popcorn machine and have someone walking around handing out individual boxes of candy.

Scavenger Hunt

Want to see who the competitive people are on your team? Then plan a scavenger hunt. Group people into teams and let their competitive spirit take over. Many cities have companies that specialize in planning scavenger hunts. Or you can plan it yourself. Scavenger hunts usually work best in pedestrian shopping areas such as squares or town centers. Have prizes for the winning team and find a fun place to go after for dinner.

Take Them Out to a Ballgame

While everyone on your team may not be a baseball fan, I challenge you to find someone who doesn’t like going to a stadium for the energy and excitement and indulging in a hot dog. At least once a year. Whether your city has a major league or minor league team, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to get your employees together to enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes. And if you’re team is smaller and you have a bigger budget, consider renting a suite. The air conditioning and comfy seats alone make it worth the cost.

Additional Outdoor Activities:

  • If you’re close to a lake or the beach, you know that spending the day or an evening on the water is one of the more enjoyable ways to pass the time. And for those who are really adventurous, rent a few paddle boats or canoes. Don’t forget to arrange a few food trucks to serve your guests around the dock area.

  • So maybe you don’t have a group of teenage boys working for you, but Paintball is still a fantastic way to bring team members together. Whether it’s protecting one or another or ambushing the boss, it requires strategy and teamwork.

  • Another event reminiscent of our youth is go-kart racing. Everyone can do it, and it doesn’t require a lot of skill. Create your own bracket and have groups of people race, with each winner advancing until you have a grand champion. And most go-kart facilities have video games inside, which is the perfect way to cool down after some heated races.

These are just some of our favorite ways to get corporate teams outdoors, enjoying the summer weather while bonding over a shared activity or a dose of healthy competition. And of course, because all of these ideas are outdoors, food trucks are the perfect catering solution to feed your hungry group.

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